16 mag 2008

Critical Mass Interplanetaria a Roma

Magari a qualcuno interessa.... vi copio il programma della Critical Mass Interplanetaria di quest'anno....
Io pensavo di partecipare a quella del 31 Maggio.... chi viene con me?

Ciemmona 2008

30th May, Friday at 6:00 PM
Roman Critical Mass
Piramide (aka Piazza delle Masse Critiche).
The mass ends at "L.O.A. Acrobax", with dinner, fun, music and dj set.
via della Vasca Navale, 6 (Ponte Marconi ).

31th May, Saturday at 4:00 PM
Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano (garden)
After Interplanetary Critical Mass, CicloPICNIC on Pincio's grass.
(the park "above" piazza del Popolo).
Each one has to bring up something to eat, to drink e to seat and share it. Please avoid disposable plates, glasses, forks etc...

1st June, Sunday at 11:00 AM
Piramide (aka Piazza delle Masse Critiche).
We shall go to seaside, and stays overnight.
Sun, sea and "Tarzan like" camping.

2nd June, Monday, at 5:00 PM (in italy is holyday)
returning to Rome
Start from Ostia to Rome.

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